Semi Final 2 the entries so far…

Semi-Final 2 22nd May 

Croatia, Denmark, Bulgaria, Portugal, Ukraine, Switzerland, FYR Macedonia, Iceland, Cyprus, Latvia, Belarus, Hungary, Albania, Sweden, Turkey, Lithuania, Georgia, Czech Republic and Malta.  

And in semi final 2 these countries have chosen so far:


Euroband – This Is My Life

A Euro-pop thumping masterpiece. Imagine having too much to drink in G-A-Y and dancing to a Leona Lewis ‘A Moment Like This’ remix and this comes on after, you’re dancing to shit but you don’t care. You’re just going to dance. Its pure euro-pop. Only mums go to Iceland, and now with this song gay men too.

FYR Macedonia ( Macedonia IS Greek, rename this country now!!!!)

Tamara, Vrčak & Adrian – Vo Ime Na LjubovtaEastern sounding at the start. Eastern Europeans do rap… oh dear. The female singer looks like Lilly Allen,  the two rappers look like knobs.


Kraljevi ulice & 75 cents – Romanca Oh dear. Grandads trying to rap. 75 Cents, he’s so ghetto (actually he was probably in a Nazi ghetto), 50 Cent should be scared. But he’s so old he’s a bit unaware of everything and he can’t hold the microphone still. Must be hard to be a pensioner in Croatia.


Deep Zone & Balthazar – DJ, Take Me Away

She can’t sing live, and the song consists of like, 4 words (similar in style to Madonna-Music but 10000 times worse). The performance I saw was 2 fat Bulgarians pretending to DJ pulling imaginary rope. It’s strange, like Bulgaria really. But it’s not that bad a song really.


Ani Lorak – Shady Lady

In Ukraine they only voted for the song as the singer, Ani Lorak was always going to be performing. I think it’s because she’s quite attractive, she probably shagged her way into Eurovision. Still, the song is a Eurovision classic, it’s generating a lot of buzz, mainly because men want her and women think she’s an inspiration. I think neither are true. But don’t be surprised if Eurovison 2009 is in the Ukraine.


Mor Ve Ötesi– Deli

A rocky number sung in Turkish. It’s not too interesting. Not really fun. Too serious actually. What I wish is for them to be singing with muslim veils on. Now that will make a statement. But Europe likes serious so I think this song will do well.


 Simon Matthew- All Night Long 

I like this song, he seems to be enjoying himself and territorial voting means he will get votes from the fellow Scandinavian countries. But I don’t mind about that, if the UK have any sense we will vote him through to Belgrade too!


Paola Meneguzzi- Era Stupendo

Probably the best song in this years competition. He has a great voice. I really like this song. It’s actually got a sense of quality about it. I hope he wins!!!!


Evdokaia- Femme Fatale

Sung in Greek (unlike the Greek entry). It’s very Greek sounding. Not that interesting. It sounds like your mum wanting to sing in Greek. She;s got an interesting performance. But best not for TV!


Ruslan Alenho- Hasta La Vista

Bad Euro-pop. Sung in English so obviously the lyrics sound bad!! Boring. I turned back to the Swiss song!





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