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Semi Final 2 the entries so far…

February 24, 2008

Semi-Final 2 22nd May 

Croatia, Denmark, Bulgaria, Portugal, Ukraine, Switzerland, FYR Macedonia, Iceland, Cyprus, Latvia, Belarus, Hungary, Albania, Sweden, Turkey, Lithuania, Georgia, Czech Republic and Malta.  

And in semi final 2 these countries have chosen so far:


Euroband – This Is My Life

A Euro-pop thumping masterpiece. Imagine having too much to drink in G-A-Y and dancing to a Leona Lewis ‘A Moment Like This’ remix and this comes on after, you’re dancing to shit but you don’t care. You’re just going to dance. Its pure euro-pop. Only mums go to Iceland, and now with this song gay men too.

FYR Macedonia ( Macedonia IS Greek, rename this country now!!!!)

Tamara, Vrčak & Adrian – Vo Ime Na LjubovtaEastern sounding at the start. Eastern Europeans do rap… oh dear. The female singer looks like Lilly Allen,  the two rappers look like knobs.


Kraljevi ulice & 75 cents – Romanca Oh dear. Grandads trying to rap. 75 Cents, he’s so ghetto (actually he was probably in a Nazi ghetto), 50 Cent should be scared. But he’s so old he’s a bit unaware of everything and he can’t hold the microphone still. Must be hard to be a pensioner in Croatia.


Deep Zone & Balthazar – DJ, Take Me Away

She can’t sing live, and the song consists of like, 4 words (similar in style to Madonna-Music but 10000 times worse). The performance I saw was 2 fat Bulgarians pretending to DJ pulling imaginary rope. It’s strange, like Bulgaria really. But it’s not that bad a song really.


Ani Lorak – Shady Lady

In Ukraine they only voted for the song as the singer, Ani Lorak was always going to be performing. I think it’s because she’s quite attractive, she probably shagged her way into Eurovision. Still, the song is a Eurovision classic, it’s generating a lot of buzz, mainly because men want her and women think she’s an inspiration. I think neither are true. But don’t be surprised if Eurovison 2009 is in the Ukraine.


Mor Ve Ötesi– Deli

A rocky number sung in Turkish. It’s not too interesting. Not really fun. Too serious actually. What I wish is for them to be singing with muslim veils on. Now that will make a statement. But Europe likes serious so I think this song will do well.


 Simon Matthew- All Night Long 

I like this song, he seems to be enjoying himself and territorial voting means he will get votes from the fellow Scandinavian countries. But I don’t mind about that, if the UK have any sense we will vote him through to Belgrade too!


Paola Meneguzzi- Era Stupendo

Probably the best song in this years competition. He has a great voice. I really like this song. It’s actually got a sense of quality about it. I hope he wins!!!!


Evdokaia- Femme Fatale

Sung in Greek (unlike the Greek entry). It’s very Greek sounding. Not that interesting. It sounds like your mum wanting to sing in Greek. She;s got an interesting performance. But best not for TV!


Ruslan Alenho- Hasta La Vista

Bad Euro-pop. Sung in English so obviously the lyrics sound bad!! Boring. I turned back to the Swiss song!





General introduction

February 24, 2008

Hello. My name is Glenn and for the next few months I will critique the farce that is known as the Eurovision Song Contest.

Because the UK funds this we don’t really have to worry much about what we send to the competition. This year already in the final on 24th May are France, Germany, Serbia, Spain and United Kingdom. There are two semi-finals in which 10 countries each are chosen (by public vote to go to the final).

The rest of Europe has to battle it out at semi-finals. And believe me, they are taking it seriously. I am living in Greece and they are very much Euro fans!

So let the fun and games begin…